1. You need to choose a desired antivirus & software click (BUY NOW) and make payment you will get license keys with invoice in few seconds send on Email & Whatsapp.
  1. Contact us, we are available 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday to Saturday.
  1. No, you can’t if you have any issue please contact us.
  1. No, I can’t if you have any issue please contact us.
  1. No, you can’t cancel order, It’s a automate process, Once order punch, license key will be electronically delivered to you in timeframe. If you have any issues, please contact us. 
  1. Yes, after purchase (keys), I send you invoice in your Email.
  1. Usually the key is send with 30 seconds after the transaction is successful, but if in case you didn’t receive the key within 30 seconds it might be because of the following reasons:
    You have successfully made the payments but it’s taking time for our bank to confirm your payment,
    You might get the key after some delay because of the server overload.
    Bank was not able process your payment and reverse bank amount in same account.
    Sometimes UPI payments may take up to 45 mints to update response from UPI servers , (Product will be delivered after the confirmation of successful payment to our merchant account)
    Please be patience for 45 minutes, If still key is not received please don’t panic just call us on our support number between 10AM to 7PM Mon to Sat.
    And in case you want to know more details about your transaction please feel free to contact us on the given support number. We are always happy to help our customers.


  1. Yes, you are most welcome at our company, but price won’t be same as website. As we only deliver the keys not the whole box on our website, We won’t be able to serve you at the online pricing that we are offering at Indiapcmart.com
  1. We deliver the product key within a minute if your transaction is successful.
  1. Renewal serial key works only if you have same licensed antivirus previously installed and activated. It upgrades license validity period. Renewal serial keys do not work on demo version or on fresh installation. And that’s the reason renewals pack is little cheaper than new antivirus.
  1. No due to nature of business, once serial key is sending on SMS/ Email, Our servers do not accept it for resell. And that’s the reason we do not offer exchange or refunds.